“Scott was the missing piece in our marketing team. He is an extremely talented and adept graphic designer, but more important to us was his ability to take the abstract goals and characteristics of our company and thoughtfully translate those into visuals that elevated our marketing materials to a whole new level of professionalism. He was efficient and flexible to work with and he went above and beyond on numerous occasions to complete our projects on very tight deadlines. He has worked in-house temporarily for us and on one-off marketing projects since then, and I want all our marketing materials to be designed by him!”
David Mungo
Business Development Manager at StratoChem Services

The new logo I created for StratoChem Services maintains a strong connection to their original logo, but brings in an updated aesthetic that is visually striking, communicates the company’s core values and represents their place in the industry. This crisp minimalism was then applied throughout the rebranded materials. Incorporating the logo on both the front and back of the business card was part of the strategy to  jump start brand recognition with the new mark. The new branding was further implemented in StratoChem’s 2014 trade-show materials.

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