Flower Hill is a budding historic home museum in Austin, TX. The Flower Hill Foundation needed a logo to form the basis of its brand as it continues its development toward opening to the public. Before creating the logo, I toured the grounds with Executive Director Robin Grace Thompson to gain a deeper understanding of what the Foundation represents. We discussed several unique features of the property and its history, as well as exploring both her and late property owner Jane Smoot’s visions for the future of the museum. This logo and business card are the product of those factors.

Flower Hill Foundation logo

The logo echoes the Foundation’s values of preservation, experimentation, and artistic expression. It is meant to serve as a springboard toward a fully-fledged foundation and brand identity.

The central form is a  stylized depiction of the Narcissus flower, which blankets the property’s hillside early each year and is one of the property’s distinctive natural features. The delicate line work refers to the iconic ironwork of locally-famed early 20th century iron worker F. Weigl that decorates the museum’s fences, rails, garden and house. The rounded left petal serves a dual purpose in honoring the museum’s location in Old West Austin, and paying homage to the storied impressions of brickmakers’ fingers left in the bricks of the house during its hurried construction. Finally, the color palette is reminiscent of the local dust and clay that comprise much of the original construction on the property.

The logo is featured on the Flower Hill Foundation’s website, and the Foundation received my non-profit discount.

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