“Our organization was so lucky to get to work with Scott. He is the consummate professional. He listened to our initial ideas about what we wanted for our annual report and quickly produced a concept proof for our review. He has an excellent sense of design and wonderful attention to detail. Because our staff is so busy, we were thrilled that Scott took the reigns on this project. He managed it from the concept stage to placement of the finished product on our website. What a pleasure it was to work with someone like Scott!”

–Georgiana Hernández, Ed.D.

   Executive Director
   Acción Latina


I don’t always find the time in my personal life to volunteer as much as I think I should, so I try to give back by devoting some of my professional time to community organizations. In cooperation with copywriter Erin Fahrer, I created this layout concept to reflect the cultural heritage that Acción Latina, a long-running nonprofit based in San Francisco, seeks to promote and protect. The graphic elements are drawn from the aesthetic style of the organization’s logo, and are the product of a research and discovery process to create a modern concept rooted in tradition. We prioritized maintaining and reinforcing Acción Latina’s brand through the visual expression of this report in form and function. It was a wonderful experience and I wish Acción Latina continued success in the year and years to come.

You can also find the report at its home on Acción Latina’s annual reports page.

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