We engaged Scott to format the book The Absent Superpower. Not only did provide strong work, not only did he complete everything <far> more quickly and far more responsively than we had dared hope, he also had such a keen eye for detail that he caught a number of errors on our end of things early enough in the process that we were able to beat our original publish date. We’ll definitely be using him again.
Peter ZeihanGeopolitical Strategist

I was hired to design the interior of the book The Absent Superpower by Peter Zeihan. As his sophomore book, and with a thematic link to his first, this was the perfect opportunity to build his brand by establishing visual consistency in text treatment. I took efforts to stay true to the layout conventions laid out in his earlier book, while branching out creatively so The Absent Superpower would feel fresh and unique. I was provided with all content, which I arranged and formatted to bring the book to life in print and as a reflowable ebook.

Shale is a central theme throughout the book, and Peter is proud of his modern approach to his field, which I reinforced by curating visual elements with modern and layered looks. I chose Optima as the title font for both its modern feel and its slightly tapered look, designed chapter and title ornaments as an abstract representation of packed and fragmented layers of rock, and included other visual references such as enclosing page numbers between lines.

On the whole, the layout was designed to maximize readability and convenient access to the information provided.


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